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Round 2 25/04/2019

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Anthony Jackson 21:47
James Corlett 22:04 (PT)
Mike Jones/Ollie Nuthall/Matt Coates 22:37 (3-up) (Road bike) (PT)
Michael Cooke 23:18 (Road bike)
Rob Saunders 23:34
Mark McCartney 23:40
Lee Hill 23:57 (PT)
Gary Ison 25:20 (PT)
Clementine Bird 27:54
Jamie Walker-Jones 28:03 (Road bike)
Andy Barker/George Barker 30:12 (2-up)

A real mixed bag of weather featuring hail, torrential rain, rainbows and bright sunshine greeted the 14 riders braving the conditions tonight with a good mix of regulars, new faces and some old friends not seen for too long!
The lack of roadworks meant that the normal course could be employed, however a combination of blank numbers, 2-ups and a 3-up made for a challenging evening for the timekeepers! Many thanks to Jess and Danny for helping out.
Hopefully we'll have some more predictable weather next week, just a reminder that it will be a 7:15 pm start, with sign on closing at 7 pm and that we're in the overflow car park not the one next to the memorial hall.
See you then!