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Round 7 30/5/2019

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Ollie Peckover 20:39 
Shaun Eden (PT) 22:20 
Chris Cope 22:33 
Jason Swann (PT) 22:40 
Steve Barrell (PT) 22:51 
Rob Saunders 24:24 (Athlete) 
Mike Campbell 26:01 (Athlete) 
Poppy Wildman 26:15 
Stephen Sewell (PT) 26:34 (Athlete) 
John Atkin (PT) 26:38 
Clementine Bird 28:20 
Gary Woodhouse (PT) 28:49 (Athlete) 
Martin Grieve 32:20 (Athlete - Singel Speed)

Out and Back Course

The appearance of temporary traffic lights in Harby called for a change of course to the Out and Back variation. It was a windy, yet relatively mild evening, with the wind coming from the wrong direction. 
13 riders turned up - lucky!